Focus on your primary processes? Let Stad Alkmaar manage your stocks.

The handling and storage of your goods is in good hands with us. With 10,000 m² of compartmentalized storage capacity, there is almost always room for your products. We manage a wide variety of goods in our warehouse. Whether it concerns pallets, bulk stocks for e-commerce or products at piece level; Stad Alkmaar has experience with it.

To ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible, we ensure a seamless connection between our transport and warehouse management system and your ERP system. This way you always have insight into your stock and goods flows.

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Grip on your processes

Respond quickly to changes in the market and fluctuations in supply and demand? By outsourcing your logistics processes, space and personnel are no longer a concern.

We are ready for you

Do you have questions about your shipments, stocks or our services? Or do you want to exchange ideas about a logistics issue? Our customer service is always available to you quickly and professionally.

A sustainable approach

At Stad Alkmaar, the quality of our services is paramount. Our team of specialists works every day to set up your processes faster, cheaper and more efficiently.

Always in control of your stock and goods flows?

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We manage the entire stock for our customer Fireplace Wood Gigant.

Every day we receive several loads of firewood from Eastern Europe. These pallets are unloaded, counted, checked for moisture content, provided with the correct labels and then included in stock. At the same time, hundreds of pallets of firewood and related items are sold through the customer's web shop.

These orders arrive directly with us with smart data links. After assembling, the orders are fed into our transport network and delivered to the customer within 24 hours. In this way Openhaardhout Gigant keeps full focus on purchasing, marketing and sales. Do you also want to save time?

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Save time for your primary processes.

Do you want to save on logistics costs and grow without worries? Outsource your logistics processes to Stad Alkmaar. We ensure peace of mind and organization.

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