For private deliveries we go that little bit further than others.

Deliveries to private individuals are perhaps the most complex type of deliveries you can make as a transport company. Where most companies are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., people are often not at home. To prevent a second delivery attempt, we go a step further than other delivery services.

In addition to the standard track & trace, we can inform the recipient of the delivery by telephone. In this way we make the delivery, together with the recipient, as smooth as possible. This not only saves our clients a lot of time and money, but often also results in positive reactions from the recipients.

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Doing business with Stad Alkmaar Logistics means doing business with reliable professionals who not only guarantee you quality, but also contribute to the environment and society.


We not only opt for the most efficient techniques when purchasing new trucks. We also ask our customers to help prevent CO2 emissions in logistics processes.


Via our Statusweb you can enter your shipments, print shipping labels, upload data and track your shipments. You can also view and download real-time delivery notes.

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What do you want to send? As long as it is packaged, nothing is too crazy for us.

In business-to-consumer transport, the focus is on goods that a standard delivery service cannot deliver. By this we mean everything that cannot be shipped by post, up to a maximum weight of 1200 kilograms.

Think, for example, of pallets of fireplace wood, potting soil, large quantities of plants or even fitness equipment. As long as your goods are properly packaged, nothing is too crazy for us. Are you unsure whether we can transport your goods? Our customer service answers your questions daily.

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