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We have been offering custom logistics services since 1878.

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What are your logistics wishes? Stad Alkmaar Logistics provides a total solution.

Logistics is often seen as a difficult and time-consuming process. As a result, primary processes such as purchasing, marketing and sales receive less attention than they deserve. Do you need peace of mind and your organization? Outsource your logistics processes to Stad Alkmaar logistics. With smart data links, we ensure a seamless connection to your ERP or sales system. This gives you real-time insight into your transport orders, goods flows, stock and stock movements.

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Customers tell
Miriam Nutri-dynamics
“Perfect service with skilled people!”

Professional, always available and good customer service. Always think in terms of possibilities, this ensures a pleasant collaboration.

Emilie Boldking

Lionn CRAFT drinks
“Flexible and always available!”

The informal communication and flexibility ensures a very pleasant cooperation. The Transport and warehouse system are very user-friendly and clear.

Martin Rebro cosmetics
“Short lines, customization and informal”

We have been working with Stad Alkmaar for 20 years now and not just like that. It is a friendly family business. Short lines, customization and informal Jochem, Rebro Cosmetics

Francis Laan ijsgrondstoffen
“There are short lines, people are flexible.”

We have been a loyal customer of Stad Alkmaar for many years. We have a lot of telephone contact with the permanent employees on the schedule. There are short lines, people are flexible. We are very satisfied!

Klant Openhaarhout-gigant
“Small smile”

We were not at home for delivery day. The driver had neatly placed the pallet of firewood in the right place. I left a note with instructions and a small tip. On the delivery receipt he wrote the following text: "The smile this note gives me is worth much more than the note itself". We were a bit moved! The note in question was in our letterbox again, so he had not taken it. Amazing experience. Kreuning family, night fight

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