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We have been offering our customers a total logistics solution since 1878.

Stad Alkmaar has a long history. In 1878 the company started as a turnkey service. Due to the poor land connections at the time, ships were a better means of transport than wagons and carriages. We transported goods by boat according to a strict timetable from the Damrak in Amsterdam via the Zaanstreek to the Luttik Oudorp in Alkmaar. Beurtschippers had to wait 'in turn' before loading a freight. Then they were allowed to sail 'in turn'. That's where the name barge comes from.


The boat 'Stad Alkmaar' formed the basis of our family business.

Each boat had its own jetty and destination at the Damrak. Our boat was moored at the Alkmaar pier and was called the 'Stad Alkmaar'. That is where the basis of our family business lies. It started with a sailing boat, later it became a steam boat and later a motor boat. A wide variety of loads were transported on board. From beds to barrels of beer, fuel, tar, sugar and syrup. And of course the cheeses went back to Amsterdam from Alkmaar.


From transport over water to transport over land.

The transport from the unloading quay at Luttik Oudorp to the final recipients was done by hand carts and horse-drawn carts. Later on, on-carriage was carried out by trucks. They also bore the name 'Stad Alkmaar'. When the road network in the Netherlands improved significantly, boats were slowly completely replaced by trucks. The last trips were made around 1960.

In the same year, Stad Alkmaar moves to the Herculesstraat in Alkmaar.
In 1960, the City of Alkmaar leaves the city center and we move into the new building on Herculesstraat. Here the company grows into the largest transporter in Alkmaar. There are now 62 employees on the payroll and the company has about 50 tractor units.

(Inter) national distribution via Distri-XL.

In the seventies and eighties of the last century, the 24-hour economy got underway and the demand for a nationwide distribution network grew. We have sought cooperation with a number of parties within the Netherlands and now transport some 2,500 shipments a day to the Netherlands and most of Europe five days a week. Every day, more than 400 orders are processed in the warehouse and more than 1000 shipments are shipped.

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In recent years we have seen the market change significantly.

Where in the past there was mainly demand for individual transports, more and more clients want to outsource the entire logistics operation. This provides more time for processes such as purchasing, marketing and sales.

With smart data links we ensure a seamless connection to the ERP or sales systems of our customers. In this way they have real-time insight into stock, mutations, transport orders and goods flows, both incoming and outgoing.

In the coming years we will develop further as Stad Alkmaar Logistics. After more than 50 years of working at the current location, we have grown out of our own. The aim is to realize a (second) sustainable workplace, in which we can enjoy working for the coming decades. Curious what we can do for you?

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Doing business with Stad Alkmaar Logistics means doing business with reliable professionals who not only guarantee you quality, but also contribute to the environment and society.


Via our Statusweb you can enter your shipments, print shipping labels, upload data and track your shipments. You can also view and download real-time delivery notes.


We not only opt for the most efficient techniques when purchasing new trucks. We also ask our customers to help prevent CO2 emissions in logistics processes.

We have been the logistics service provider of Noord-Holland for 142 years.

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