National distribution

We are happy to take care of the transport and distribution of your pallets.

Looking for a professional party for the transport and distribution of your pallets? Then you have come to the right place. With us the following applies: shipped today is delivered within 24 hours in the Netherlands. Do you want to send one pallet or does it concern complete truckloads? Stad Alkmaar always has a suitable solution.

We can also handle all types of pallets. Whether it concerns euro pallets, block pallets, mini pallets, half pallets, quarter pallets or chep pallets. We can also provide the complete distribution of general cargo and packages for your company. Here too: delivery within 24 hours.

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Doing business with Stad Alkmaar Logistics means doing business with reliable professionals who not only guarantee you quality, but also contribute to the environment and society.


We not only opt for the most efficient techniques when purchasing new trucks. We also ask our customers to help prevent CO2 emissions in logistics processes.


Via our Statusweb you can enter your shipments, print shipping labels, upload data and track your shipments. You can also view and download real-time delivery notes.

Our drivers also know where to find every street in busy inner cities.

Logistics for our inner cities is becoming increasingly complex. When you organize a transport to, for example, the center of Amsterdam, a lot is involved. Small streets, one-way traffic, bus lanes and trams are a real challenge. Does your customer request a delivery in the city center? Then we are happy to help you.

Our planners know every street and are aware of local laws and regulations. In addition, our drivers are equipped with a pump truck and tailgate, so that we always deliver your shipments in the right way.

Have a (return) shipment picked up in the short term? We will arrange it for you.

Sometimes you have nothing to send yourself, but you want to have a shipment picked up. Think of a shipment that is offered ex-works or ex-works, but where you have to arrange the transport yourself. We can arrange these pick-up transports for you.

Did you accidentally deliver the wrong item or does the customer not need the shipment? Then of course you want to have it collected as soon as possible. No problem! By means of a collection order, the Stad Alkmaar provides the return transport to your warehouse.

Want to outsource your distribution with a good feeling?

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We offer a tailor-made solution for every transport.

At Stad Alkmaar we think along with you. Are the receivers only open in the morning? Then we offer the goods in the morning with a time delivery. Does the recipient have to call the recipient fifteen minutes before delivery? We ensure that the delivery driver contacts you.

Specific laws and regulations apply to the transport of hazardous substances.
We therefore have specially trained drivers and the equipment to also take these transports off your hands. The City of Alkmaar currently does not offer conditioned transport or storage for hazardous substances.

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