We would like to inform you about our services around the holidays of 2018 of logistics Centre City Alkmaar BV.

Feast day Day Date Weeknr Execution work
New Year Wednesday 1 January 1 Closed
Carnival Mo + Tue + We 24+25+26 February 9 Limited execution in carnival areas in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
Good Friday Friday 10 April 15 Normal version + normal pickup
2nd Easter Monday 13 April 16 Closed
Kingsdag Monday 27 April 18 Closed
Labor Day Friday 1 May 18 Netherlands normal execution, the rest of Europe is closed.
National Liberation Day Tuesday May 5th 19 National holiday in the Netherlands Closed
Feast of Victory Tuesday May 8th 19 National holiday France. Monday 7 May is often a “brugdag”.
Ascension Day Thursday May 21th 21 Closed
Day after Ascension Friday 22th May 22 Normal version + normal pickup
2nd whit Monday June 1st 23 Closed
3rd Whit Tuesday June 2nd 23 Limited execution in Zaanstad in the area of “Pentecost three”.
Corpus Christi Thursday 11th June 24 National holiday in Germany.
Feast of the Flemish Community Saturday 11th July 28 National holiday in Belgium.
Quatorze Julliet Thursday July 14th 29 National holiday in France
Leopold day Thursday July 21st 30 National holiday in Belgium
Assumption Saturday August 15 33 National holiday in Germany and Belgium.
Day of the German unit Saturday October 3 40 National holiday in Germany.
Reformation Day Saturday October 31 44 National holiday in Germany.
Allerheiligen Sunday November 1st 45 National holiday in Belgium and Germany.
Santa Claus eve Thursday 5th December 49
Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 52 Only delivery, but no collection, no route traffic
Christmas Day 1 Friday 25th December 52 Closed
Christmas Day 2 Saturday 26th December 52 Closed
Monday after Christmas Monday 28th December 53 No delivery, but normal collection and normal route traffic
Boxing Day Thursday 31 December 52
No delivery, but normal collection and normal route traffic
Eve Friday January 1st 2020 53 Closed

On weekdays before or after the holidays such as Friday 11 May and Monday 24 December 2018, many companies appear to be closed every year. On these (bridge) days, only shipments that are specifically registered for delivery on these working days will be driven out. Should the recipients prove to be closed on arrival, these shipments will be relisted on the next working day, with a second time charging.

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