Our services

Transport to the whole of the Netherlands, Benelux and Europe

Safe, fast and reliable.

Flexible storage options

We have over 6,000 m2 indoor storage and 1,500 outdoor storage.

Loading/unloading Sea containers

Besides transport and distribution we take care of the handling and storage of your goods.

Special Logistic Assignments

Thanks to our years of knowledge and experience, we offer logistically tailored solutions.

Our history

Since 1878, an innovative, reliable, sustainable and customer-oriented total solution for all your logistical needs

Stad Alkmaar has a long history. In 1878, the company started as a turn service. Due to poor land connections at that time, ships were a better means of transport than cars and carriages. With a boat we transported goods according to a strict timetable from the Damrak in Amsterdam via the Zaan to the lari of Alkmaar. Beurtschip Press had to wait ‘ in turn ‘ to load a cargo and ‘ take turns ‘ were they allowed to sail. This is where the name turns from the boat.

The Boat city Alkmaar

Each boat had its own jetty and its own destination at the Damrak. Our boat was on the Alkmaar-Steiger and was called the ‘Stad Alkmaar’. This is the basis of our family business. It started with a sailboat, later it became a steamer and later a motorboat. Very different cargoes were transported on board. From beds, to barrels of beer, fuel, tar, sugar and syrup. And from Alkmaar, the cheeses went back to Amsterdam.

Trucks replace the boats

The transport of the Loswal to the lari to the final recipients was done with hand carts and horse with wagons. Later the transport was carried out by heavy goods vehicles. Also those carried the name ‘ Stad Alkmaar ‘. When the road network in the Netherlands improved dramatically, the boats were slowly replaced by lorries. Around 1960 the last sails were carried out.

National and international distribution

In the Seventies and eighties of the last century, the 24-hour economy was launched and the demand for a nationwide distribution network emerged. We have sought cooperation with a number of parties within the Netherlands and are now transporting about 2,500 shipments a day to the Netherlands and most of Europe five days a week.


I experience the services of the city of Alkmaar as a total package which makes me completely carefree as a customer. From A to Z they can arrange everything for us, so I also have happy customers again. Total service for a very customer friendly price!

Natalie Snoek – Werksaam West-Friesland

I would like to let you know that my pallet with syrup waffles was delivered on Wednesday afternoon 12 April!!! On Tuesday, the transport company from Chania, Crete, called the pallet to be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. What a service and what a fast delivery, great!!!

Sanjay Waingankar/Mandali Kournas

The management

  • Jaap Schuurman

    “As general director, I motivate and stimulate our people in their development and give them satisfactory work. Our employees appreciate that and we hardly see people go. In addition, I help to find the best logistic response to each transport question. How big or unusual it is. It is natural for me to put our clients first and to advise on the best transport and packaging method possible.”

  • Nico Schuurman

    “As a business manager, I take care of the daily planning and I regularly visit our current and new customers. Because I used to drive all the routes myself I know exactly what both the driver and in the customer need. Therefore, I quickly find a solution that is efficient and to everyone’s satisfaction. I like to visit our customers, like to network and know all our relations by name.”

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