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Since 1878, Logistiekcentrum Stad Alkmaar operates as an innovative, reliable, sustainable and customer oriented transport company with total solutions for all your logistic needs.

Stad Alkmaar has a long history. In 1878 the company started as a “beurtvaart” service. Due to poor road conditions in those days, ships were a better means of transport than cars and carriages. By boat, we transported goods according to a tight schedule from the Damrak in Amsterdam through Zaandam to Luttik Oudorp in Alkmaar.

The Boat Stad Alkmaar

Each boat had its own jetty and own destiny at the Damrak. Our boat was located at the Alkmaar jetty and was called the 'Stad Alkmaar'(City of Alkmaar). That is the foundation of our family business. It started with a sailing boat, later the sailing boat changed to a steamboat and after that, we used the motorboat. On board, very different loads were transported. From beds to barrels of beer, fuel, tar, sugar and syrup. And of course, from Alkmaar, the famous cheese went back to Amsterdam.

Trucks replaced the boats

The transport from the wharf to the Luttik Oudorp to the final beneficiaries was done by hand carts and horse carts. Later onward transport was carried by trucks. We kept the name 'Stad Alkmaar' When the roads greatly improved in the Netherlands, the boats were slowly completely replaced by trucks. Around 1960, the last trips were carried out by boat.

National and international distribution

In the seventies and eighties of the last century, the 24-hour economy created demand for a nationwide distribution network. We have sought cooperation with a number of parties in the Netherlands and now provide about 2,500 shipments a day, five days a week, destined for the Netherlands and most of Europe.


I experience the services of Stad Alkmaar as a total package that to me, as a customer, is completely carefree. From start to finish they can arrange everything so my customers are as happy as I am. Total service for a very friendly price!!

Natalie Snoek - Werksaam West-Friesland

I want to let you know that my pallet with cookies was delivered on Wednesday April 12 !!! On Tuesday the transport of Chania, Crete called that the pallet would be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. What service and what a fast delivery, great !!!

Baukje Westra / Mandali Kournas

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